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Do you appreciate your assets?

Contrary to what you may be thinking, this post is not about loving yourself more. At least not directly!

No, it’s about getting you to think about yourself differently. As someone else might think about you, if they were considering investing in YOU.

Let me explain…

Last week, my daughter turned 5. When discussing plans for her party, the issue of the cake came up. Or should I say The Cake? It matters when you are 5. And when you are…er…a five year old’s mother (side-stepping that one!)…making it for her mattered to me. Now I know there are other options, plenty of places I could order or buy them ready-made. But no thanks. Not for me. No, I wanted to make her cake.

Now, I am not a professional cake maker, nor even an accomplished amateur. But I am enthusiastic. So, I asked her what cake she wanted. And each time I asked, I got a different reply. From Spiderman (no, she’s not exactly a girly girl!) to Frozen she went through them all. And none of them struck me with any inspiration. Until she mentioned the ‘M’ word. Minions!

So, last week I spent several evenings surrounded by blue and yellow icing, trying to recreate minions on the top of some cupcakes. I’d Googled some ideas, I’d consulted a friend, and I was off…

When we try to do something new like this, we actually change the state of our brain. For the medium to long-term, doing it will create new connections, and we often access and apply old knowledge, experiences and learning in new ways. In addition to that though, something else happens – immediately. Endorphines are released within the brain, and these give us a sense of happiness, a rush of achievement and an increased sense of our own potential. In short, we feel good about ourselves.

Let us get back to our potential investor. In business, assets are either appreciating, or depreciating. If they are appreciating, their value is increasing and they are adding to the worth of the company. If they are depreciating, the opposite is the case and the assets are reducing the value of the company until they are ultimately written off.

If you view yourself as a company, the assets you have are primarily your skills, your knowledge and your experiences. Can you see where I am going with this? If you are objective about yourself as a business, are the assets (i.e. your skills, etc) appreciating, growing and adding to your value, or are they doing the opposite and becoming obsolete? How often do you invest in yourself to increase the assets you have at your disposal?

Now, rest assured, I am not going to be turning into a professional cake-maker any time soon. But my attempts to make some for my daughter have added to my personal asset base. I learned about myself, I stretched beyond what I thought I could do, and I have grown as a result of it.

And as for the minions. How did they turn out?

You be the judge…!