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Welcome to the Rhetonic Blog

Hello and thank you for visiting the Rhetonic blog. Now, pull up a chair and let’s have a chat…

Like any subjects, my passions of Psychology, Marketing, Leadership and Enterprise can be as fascinating or as dull as we make them. Well, I don;t know about you, but I don’t like too many dull things, so I want to use this opportunity to make my topics as stimulating, thought-provoking and relevant as I can. But I’m going to need your help.

Firstly, please do browse through the entries and come back to look again from time-to-time. I am not one who is often short of things to say, so this blog will be updated on a regular basis. Better still, why not subscribe to it so you will always know when something new has come out.

Secondly, keep your mind open to what we can learn here. Many of the insights and comments which follow, relate not just to our leaders and our customers, but also to ourselves as individuals and consumers. So, much of it will apply to all of us at many levels – if we let it.

Finally, when you are reading through the posts, if you find something that makes you curious, think about things differently, surprises you or even annoys you – will you tell me? That way the ‘lecture’ becomes a conversation, and we will all go away better informed.

Do we have a deal?  I hope so…

Back to school – whoppeeeeeee!

Back to school – whoppeeeeeee!

Yes, as I write this, it is the first week of September. The trees outside my office windows are laden with conkers and the leaves are already on the turn. My farming husband has not been home in daylight for weeks, so if you meet him driving some heavy machinery on the roads around us, please look after yourself!

However, the topic of this blog isn’t that the children have all gone back to school.

It is because I have. Read more

The Gift that keeps on Giving

The Gift that keeps on Giving

Would you buy a bunch of flowers for a friend?

Well, I did just that the other day. Not in the conventional sense though. Not where you have a friend who you think needs cheering up/rewarding or whatever, so you buy them a bunch of flowers. No. Not like that at all. In fact I think I may have done it the other way around. I bought a bunch of flowers and gave them to a total stranger who, since that encounter, has started turning into a friend! Read more

Your body knows…

Your body knows…

Imagine, that on the desk in front of you, you have four piles of cards. A, B, C and D. Each pile contains cards which will either reward you (you win a sum of money) or punish you (you lose a sum of money). You are given £2,000 of play money to start with, and told that you need to turn 100 cards over, taking them from any of the piles in any order. The aim is to be in profit by the end of the 100 cards.

Now, if you’ve read my blogs before, or you’ve heard me speak, you will know that this is likely to be a psychology experiment. And it is! The original experiment was conducted at the University of Iowa by Bechara and colleagues (including renowned neuroscientist Antonio Damasio) back in 1994. So, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the piles of cards are not all the same. Two of the piles are ‘bad’ – that is, overall they will cost the participant money. The other two are ‘good’ – that is, overall they will pay out to the participant. Of course, the participant does not know which is which!

So, off you go. Start turning the cards over and see how you get on… Read more

Creating a Warm Welcome

Creating a Warm Welcome

When we first meet someone, we very quickly start to form impressions about them. I am sure you have come across the stats about how long it takes us to form our first impressions…and how hard it is for us to change them. If not, it all happens literally in a matter of seconds. We are alarmingly fast and remarkably perceptive at determining our social impression of new people who we meet.

The first two assessments we make, are whether or not someone is competent, and whether we feel warmth towards them or not. These then account for 82% of the evaluations we go on to make about someone’s social behaviours. 82%! Of the two, people are usually more sensitive to ‘warmth’ information, and they use it to quickly build a picture of how trustworthy someone is and how helpful they will be.

No wonder lots of people feel pressured when we go to networking events. The sad truth is, we are all being judged and assessed before we’ve even got ourselves a drink. And there lies an opportunity… Read more

Speaker profile for GatorCon 2018

Speaker profile for GatorCon 2018

Later this month I am speaking at the fantastic GatorCon event which takes place in Hampshire. It is a two day event which, in their words, brings together “the smartest email & marketing professionals in the world”. Wow. I can’t wait!

I am speaking twice at the event. Firstly I shall be running a Masterclass on Colour Psychology – covering how colour is seen in the brain and what that means for brands and marketing messages.

Then, on the second day, I am delivering a keynote session to the conference about Gender Marketing – what do we need to know in order to engage with our WHOLE audience more effectively?

As part of the build up to the event, the organisers interviewed me for their blog. Have a look here at how that went!

This message would not be complete without a quick ‘Thank You’ to Simon Moss. Simon is the Marketing Director at Communigator – the organisation who run GatorCon. Simon heard me speak at a B2B event in Cambridge back in the Spring, and as a result of that he invited me to speak – twice – at their event.

Thanks Simon…I hope you won’t regret it!