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Like any subjects, my passions of Psychology, Marketing, Leadership and Enterprise can be as fascinating or as dull as we make them. Well, I don;t know about you, but I don’t like too many dull things, so I want to use this opportunity to make my topics as stimulating, thought-provoking and relevant as I can. But I’m going to need your help.

Firstly, please do browse through the entries and come back to look again from time-to-time. I am not one who is often short of things to say, so this blog will be updated on a regular basis. Better still, why not subscribe to it so you will always know when something new has come out.

Secondly, keep your mind open to what we can learn here. Many of the insights and comments which follow, relate not just to our leaders and our customers, but also to ourselves as individuals and consumers. So, much of it will apply to all of us at many levels – if we let it.

Finally, when you are reading through the posts, if you find something that makes you curious, think about things differently, surprises you or even annoys you – will you tell me? That way the ‘lecture’ becomes a conversation, and we will all go away better informed.

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Cavemen behind the wheel – more fact than fiction

Cavemen behind the wheel – more fact than fiction

This week, the police have gone public about an incident which happened on the side of the M62 motorway near Greater Manchester on 9th November. Two vehicles had an accident – not an uncommon occurrence. However, the level of violence which then ensued, does make this a bit different.

It starts off amicably enough, with CCTV footage showing the two drivers apparently exchanging details, but it then broke into a fight (literally on the hard shoulder of the M62). Before it was over, the driver of a flatbed truck had forcefully reversed his vehicle into the front of the lorry, and then got out and used a shovel to break the glass windows of the cab in an effort to get to the two occupants who had got back in for their own safety. Those who have seen the footage will doubtless have been affected by the speed, scale and severity of the attack, all of which is totally out of proportion to the original incident which triggered it.

So, what kind of animal was this who was behind the wheel of the flatbed truck? Well, the honest answer, is he may not be so very different from the rest of us. Read more

Unsure about Gender Differences? Try sleeping on it…

Unsure about Gender Differences? Try sleeping on it…

What is going on with women and sleep? Why do we rarely experience a good night of it? Why are we almost twice as likely to suffer from insomnia than men? And always complain about being easily disturbed, woken by snoring or often being tired? There is now scientific evidence to, firstly back up these claims, and secondly, explain why it is.

The study, carried out by McGill University in Canada, explored the levels of sleep hormones within its participants. It put each one through a phase of ‘cat napping’ i.e. forcing them to sleep for an hour and then be awake for an hour. They also measured their levels of alertness and sleepiness throughout the duration of the experiment. What they discovered, is that women operate on earlier sleep cycles than men. Read more

Gender differences – outdated or cutting edge?

Gender differences – outdated or cutting edge?
Gender Differences

There was an article in the headlines this week which brought to light all the usual arguments and debates about gender differences within the brain. Did you see it? If not, here it is…

You see, the Science Museum in London has apparently brought out an exhibit which allows you to ‘test’ whether you have a male brain or a female brain. Oh dear…

The test used a number of simplified questions to let the computer determine whether the person responding was the owner of a male brain, or a female one. And there lies the problem. Read more

A new take on conformity

A new take on conformity

Do you fancy taking part in a quick experiment? You do? Great. Thanks.

So, all I want you to do is have a look at the line in the image below (exhibit 1) and tell me which of the other lines (exhibit 2) is the same length as the first. Line A, Line B or Line C. OK?

Asch Lines

What do you think?

I am guessing that this is probably not the most difficult or challenging task you have had to apply yourself to today. Unless that is, you are particularly cynical and suspicious, and believe that there is some kind of trick question here?

No, this is a replication of a famous study carried out by Solomon Asch back in the 1950s. He assembled groups of six people, and projected questions of this form to them, and simply asked you to report your views back, one at a time.

The results Asch found were very interesting though, because he found that it was remarkably easy to get you to say the wrong answer. All he had to do to make this happen, was get the other people in the group to report their answers wrongly first. Read more

Women Ruling the World

Women Ruling the World

I have put off writing this blog for a while, but I keep coming back to the points I’ll make within it. So forgive me for going unusually political on you…just this once!

You see, things are changing in our world. Rapidly.

Here in the UK, we have just experienced a period of unprecedented political turmoil, since the country voted to leave the EU on the 23rd June.

One month on, we have a new Prime Minister, and she is female. Read more