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Like any subjects, my passions of Psychology, Marketing, Leadership and Enterprise can be as fascinating or as dull as we make them. Well, I don;t know about you, but I don’t like too many dull things, so I want to use this opportunity to make my topics as stimulating, thought-provoking and relevant as I can. But I’m going to need your help.

Firstly, please do browse through the entries and come back to look again from time-to-time. I am not one who is often short of things to say, so this blog will be updated on a regular basis. Better still, why not subscribe to it so you will always know when something new has come out.

Secondly, keep your mind open to what we can learn here. Many of the insights and comments which follow, relate not just to our leaders and our customers, but also to ourselves as individuals and consumers. So, much of it will apply to all of us at many levels – if we let it.

Finally, when you are reading through the posts, if you find something that makes you curious, think about things differently, surprises you or even annoys you – will you tell me? That way the ‘lecture’ becomes a conversation, and we will all go away better informed.

Do we have a deal?  I hope so…

Who do you think you are?

No, this is not a blog about finding your ancestors. This is a question for you to ask yourself. A genuine enquiry to see how well you know yourself.

You see, most of us kid ourselves about the sort of person we really are. Sometimes we do ourselves down and tell ourselves that we “couldn’t possibly do that/say that/earn that/talk to them…”. But the one I want to talk to you about today, is the times when you say to yourself “I’d never do that”.

  • Would you lie just to be the same as other people?
  • Would you walk past someone who is dying and in need of help?
  • Would you inflict pain and suffering on someone under your care?
  • Would you kill a defenceless stranger?

Most people would say “I’d never do that” to many of these, if not all. But actually, I am afraid to tell you that the statistics suggest you are wrong. The majority of us would indeed do these things. Read more

Ahead of our time

As human beings we pride ourselves on how well we have evolved and adapted. We compare ourselves to other species, and often give ourselves a bit of a ‘pat-on-the-back’ for having done so well, risen so high and orchestrated such advancements.

But is all of this really so deserved?

You see, we are actually very badly suited for the lives we live today. We have indeed evolved and adapted, but not for challenges, tasks and requirements we usually face. Let me give you an example. Read more

A Hard Habit to Break?

Fold your arms. Yes, you did read that right. Fold your arms, quickly and firmly as if you were a three year old who hasn’t got their way. Which arm is on top? OK, now fold them the other way…go on. Firstly that takes a lot more thinking about doesn’t it, but secondly it is nothing like as comfortable is it?

Welcome to the world of breaking habits.

As a marketer, unless I am working with a unique and novel invention, or someone in a totally new situation, I am usually going to have to get any prospective customer to change their behaviour before they will buy the product or service I am promoting. If I want you to use a specific firm of accountants, or buy a different brand of ink cartridge or shop at an alternative supermarket, I have to break you away from your current provider in order to do that. Read more

Women making the difference

Do you know what day it is today? No, you don’t get any prizes for telling me it is Tuesday. No, today, 23rd June is referred to in the UK as National Women in Engineering Day (WED). The day is designed to focus people on recognising, supporting, encouraging and promoting women as engineers.

The engineering industry, like others, has identified real challenges in recruiting and maintaining women within their sector. Science is another, agriculture a third – the list is not news.

What is news, is the fact that we can now begin to piece together the reasons for this disparity in gender success and gender appeal. Through studying and understanding the differences between men and women’s brains, we are learning a tremendous amount about the ways they naturally prefer to work. Read more

The present of the past

Many moons ago, when I first did my postgraduate marketing qualifications, I was a student of Cambridge Marketing College. So I was delighted to be invited back there recently to talk to them about the innovative and exciting work I do now. There is significant interest in the growing area of Gender Marketing, and as a keynote speaker on the topic, I was more than happy to be interviewed for their radio programme about it.

Which got me thinking…

How often do we look back? How often do we stop, reflect on our past and gather the opportunities which it provides? And yes, I do mean opportunities. Read more