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Enterprise Weak?

I don’t know if you are aware, but this week in November is National Enterprise Week – a week where students in schools and colleges are encouraged to focus on Enterprise in all of its forms. It has a day dedicated to social enterprise and one specifically for the role women play in enterprises as they are hugely underrepresented in the field of business start-ups.

Enterprise Week is always a busy time for me and the BoomBizz team, but it is a thoroughly rewarding one too. We go into schools and work with hundreds of students, allowing them to explore their entrepreneurial potential through the simulation of running their own small business. It creates a huge energy, momentum and enthusiasm within the students…a much needed positive experience of business. 

So how tragic, that against this background of enterprise, yesterday should see the release of figures stating that for the first time since the records separated the figures out, youth unemployment has crossed the 1million threshold. 1million.

So much of business, whether it is about forecasting growth, securing funding, gaining customers or passing interviews, so much of it is about confidence. And how much confidence is this generation of young people going to have in themselves? Imagine how it must feel to have had years of work, study, tests and exams, all to culminate in…what? In frustration. In rejected applications. In disappointment. In desperation.

Now is the time when we need to encourage them to be more enterprising than ever. To be creative, take risks and seize opportunities. To be bold, energetic, active and determined.

True entrepreneurs are the ones who dig deep, find the strength and belief to go on when the odds are against them and create the circumstances they need in order to succeed.

Maybe we could all do with a few lessons in enterprise?!

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