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Where does the name Rhetonic come from?

Rhetonic is a word I have created, it has no dictionary presence or meaning. It is made up from the words rhetoric and tonic:

Rhetoric is all about using and manipulating words, which is a large part of the crafts of marketing, training and public speaking

Tonic refers to the drink which is refreshing, bubbly and distinctive, but it also refers to the other meaning of the word – a tonic which is something that strengthens and invigorates.

So, collectively they make up Rhetonic – a refreshing and distinctive company that provides strength and invigoration through the communication media of marketing, public speaking and training.

Doesn’t all marketing and training already use Psychology?

Yes, to a small extent they do. However, the services Rhetonic provides are all about maximising the impact that can be achieved for organisations. As with many things in business, the results attained are significantly greater when the knowledge applied is more specialised, focused and thorough. Instead of being content with providing small amounts of generic knowledge, we pride ourselves on delivering increased results and awareness through specific psychological understanding.

How do you charge for the work that you do?

When we talk to a client, we build up a picture of the specific elements that need to be completed in order to fulfil their objectives. These are verified with the client and then developed into a detailed proposal. This is usually presented in a menu type format, with the estimated cost of each activity identified so clients can see how the total cost is made up. The estimates are based on a combination of day rates, anticipated time taken in order to complete the task and quoted figures for any bought in services.