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The Gender Agenda

Have you ever lived or worked with someone of the opposite sex? If so, the chances are you have noticed that they are different. They do things differently, see things differently, prioritise things differently, approach things differently,…the list goes on. But for years we have been brainwashed into treating everyone the same. The Political Correctness bandwagon ensured that we could not treat the different sexes differently.

And yet we are different. Fundamentally different.

Let me say at the outset, that I am not getting into a debate about inequality here. I completely and wholeheartedly believe in the equality of men and women. But I do so from a position of knowing that they are different.

You see, the differences between us originate from our physiology and we are fools if we think they are just limited to our reproductive organs. As we know, some diseases and illnesses are more common in one gender than in another, for example according to the National Eye Institute, as many as 8% of Northern European men have the common form of red-green colour-blindness, compared to only 0.5% of women.

Developments in technology mean it is now possible for us to get closer to understanding the differences between male brains and female brains. Close enough to watch the brains at work. A study carried out by Ragini Verma discovered amazing differences in the neural connectivity of male and female brains. They found that male brains have far better neural connections between the front and the back of the brain, whereas in female brains the wiring is more effective going from left to right (see below).

Working Brains

This, one example, is just to demonstrate that our brains do indeed operate differently. So…what?

Well, if we take the full scope of knowledge that we are acquiring in this field (and it is growing daily!), we can see that there are significant opportunities for us if we know and understand the differences which exist between us.

It is not a case of ‘one-size-fits-all’. One method fits all. One message fits all. No, we need to ensure that our marketing, our recruitment, our team-building, our incentives, our communications, our visions…everything we do within our companies, is relevant for both male and female brains.

Are yours?