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Speaker profile for GatorCon 2018

Later this month I am speaking at the fantastic GatorCon event which takes place in Hampshire. It is a two day event which, in their words, brings together “the smartest email & marketing professionals in the world”. Wow. I can’t wait!

I am speaking twice at the event. Firstly I shall be running a Masterclass on Colour Psychology – covering how colour is seen in the brain and what that means for brands and marketing messages.

Then, on the second day, I am delivering a keynote session to the conference about Gender Marketing – what do we need to know in order to engage with our WHOLE audience more effectively?

As part of the build up to the event, the organisers interviewed me for their blog. Have a look here at how that went!

This message would not be complete without a quick ‘Thank You’ to Simon Moss. Simon is the Marketing Director at Communigator – the organisation who run GatorCon. Simon heard me speak at a B2B event in Cambridge back in the Spring, and as a result of that he invited me to speak – twice – at their event.

Thanks Simon…I hope you won’t regret it!