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Bespoke training

Are you someone who loves training courses? Or someone who just sees them as a great opportunity to be away from the office for a few hours? Do you find them beneficial or frustrating? And the most important question by far… how much of the training you have invested in or attended, have you actually gone on to implement and benefit from?

Training your staff serves a number of functions. It improves their effectiveness, shows you value them, boosts their morale, ties them into the organisation, expands their awareness of business issues, and encourages understanding and co-operation between staff.

Or, at least it can!training

All too often, training ultimately leaves people feeling no better off than they were before, except now they have a day of emails to catch up on too.

Bringing psychology into the training arena can be revolutionary. Can you imagine how much more effective training is when the course is designed to, not only deliver the content required, but do so incorporating a thorough understanding of how models of memory, attention and group dynamics work?

As a tutor on the area of Customer Experience for the Cambridge Marketing College, I combine up-to-date marketing knowledge, with years of studying psychology, to create the optimum balance  for your needs.

Courses are developed to fulfil your individual objectives, ensuring that you remain informed and in control throughout the development process. Modules can be provided individually or together to form a comprehensive programme of change.

One-to-one training can also be provided where necessary and appropriate, either formally or through coaching sessions. These often work well to support delegates as they apply their new found knowledge back into the workplace.

Previous training sessions developed include:

  • Gender marketing
  • Selling techniques for the different genders
  • Selling and marketing to women
  • Presentation skills for single gender audiences
  • The importance of laughter in the workplace
  • Achieving integrated customer satisfaction
  • Entrepreneurship skills for women

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements in greater detail.