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Gender marketing

Welcome to the new and exciting world of marketing to your customers in a way you probably never have done before – by harnessing the power of Gender Marketing.

This is not a simple ‘paint it blue or pink’ approach as may have happened historically. Oh no. This is the application of extremely sophisticated and detailed information which has been gleaned over years of research in academic psychology.

You see, Men and Women have different brains. Fact.

In a way, this should not really be such a great surprise to us as we know we differ in many other physiological ways. And yet, you would be amazed at how many people seem to find it hard to accept!

Specifically, male and female brains have a number of key differences between them. Many of these differences go back to our evolutionary development, but they are extremely significant and impactful today.
When we make decisions, it is claimed that 85% of the factors which contribute to the decision we make, are in fact things we are not consciously aware of. Many of these are the things which make men and women reach different conclusions, hold different opinions and decide different courses of action.

Men and women see the world differently – literally. The colours we can detect, the things we notice and pay attention too, even the priorities we give to things within our environment can fundamentally differ. So why, then, would you market to the different genders in a uniform way?

Moreover, conventional marketing practices/laws/models/theories tend to be significantly skewed towards the male brain. The reason for this is simply one of convenience. The laws/rules etc were tested out and developed at a time when the majority of people in the workforce were male, and the key decision makers were also male.

This is no longer the case. It is claimed that somewhere in the region of 81% of purchases in the UK are now either carried out entirely by women, or women are the key decision maker. And these are not just grocers and white goods. Oh no. These are cars, houses, pension plans, holidays – large value items. Large value items from companies who don’t know how to market to them.

91% of women say they don’t feel that advertisers understand them. If you want to be among the enlightened few, contact us for more details and a conversation about specific ways we can help you to stand out from the crowd, achieve larger market share and ultimately become more profitable.