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Public speaking

Speakers can make or break an event.

The best ones can provide impact, information and inspiration that last well beyond the end of the speech or event. This is what I aim to provide each and every time I undertake a speaking engagement.


I believe that for a speaker to have impact, they have to be authentic, have presence and be very focused and confident about their material. By clarifying in advance the specific nature of the event, its audience and its desired outcomes, I apply psychology to ensure that significant impact is generated. Mind you, I have to admit that being female, 6ft 1 and having red hair helps on this one!



Every speech I deliver is designed to educate. I am a passionate believer that being asked to speak to a group of people is a privilege. The trade off I provide, is that the audience will go away from the speech with a greater insight or understanding than they had before I set foot on the rostrum. I aim for every single person to take something from my content away with them.



I have been inspired by many different people and circumstances throughout my life, and I seek to pass on some of these to my audiences so they too may benefit as I have done. In a number of different ways, I challenge people to reflect, to improve and to be more mindful of the world around them, and their relationship to the people within it.


Speaking topics include:

  • Gender Marketing
  • the role of Psychology within Marketing
  • the Truth about Customer Engagement


My delivery style is informal, engaging and based upon considerable psychological knowledge and research.


With experience of speaking to small groups or large (approx. 800) in community centres or cathedrals, I consistently receive exceptional feedback.


I am one of those strange animals who enjoys public speaking…and it shows! My research, preparation, content and delivery, all demonstrate the passion, belief and commitment I have to make your next event a success.