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What is neuro-marketing?

Why are you reading this? Curiosity? Accident? Education? Seriously, what is it that has brought you here… to this page… of this website… today? Do you know?

How do you feel now that you are here? Intrigued? A little scared? Understood?
As consumers, we all make hundreds of decisions each day, some of which we are aware of, most of which we are not. Our environments are becoming ever more complex, with information coming at us faster and from a wider variety of sources than ever before. Bill boards, banner ads, sponsorship, SPAM, text messages, the list goes on. And yet most of them we don’t even notice, they simply wash over us.
So how is it that some brands, products and services make it through? Why do some connect with us so we see or hear them and yet many many others don’t? How do we decide which to be aware of and even more significantly, which to respond to?
These questions are at the heart of marketing as, in fairness, they have been for many years. However, what is new and exciting is our ability to answer them as we never have before.
Do you know why your best friend at school was your best friend? Or what causes people to have road-rage? Or what it is that makes gangs and cults appealing? One discipline does. It has been studying and learning about your consumers for over 120 years.
Welcome to the world of Psychology…

Defined as the ‘Science of Mind and Behaviour’, Psychology has enabled us to discover what it is that makes us who we are and, more importantly for businesses, do what we do. It has developed extremely powerful and yet sensitive methods for revealing the secrets to our emotions, beliefs and motivation. Secrets that most of us, marketers or otherwise, are largely unaware of.
When Pepsi rolled out their famous ‘Take the Pepsi Challenge’ campaign, the results of their market research proved conclusively that people preferred the taste of Pepsi. What a moment that must have been for the Pepsi board! However, it did not convert into market share. For some reason, although people reported preferring the taste of Pepsi, they continued to buy Coca-cola. Why would they do that? Psychology knows!
Combining this vast and yet evolving knowledge with the principles of marketing, more powerful and effective campaigns can be developed which deliver unparalleled results.
Marketing is a business discipline that constantly reinvents itself. In its narrowest, promotional form, new opportunities are identified, explored and then exploited to maximize the potential for individual brands, products and services.
In its wider, more strategic sense, marketing also seeks to identify, understand, predict and harness the potential of changes within a marketplace.
Whether it is through new technologies and innovations, emerging celebrities or changes in trends, marketing departments are frequently quick to see and seize the initiative.
Find out where the combination of Psychology and Marketing could take your business.